Education Tourism

What we offer?

SKY HIGH COOPERATION, for last few years, has been specializing in effectively merging learning with travel by creating educational travel experiences for students across various schools and colleges of India. We are an experiential Educational travel company seeking to combine experience with education, learning with practice and travelling with exposure. Educational travel is a growing global trend which happy miles seeks to promote and practice in India. Youth travel, which comprises of youth, student and educational travel market currently accounts for 20% of all international arrivals. A conservative estimate predicts that the youth, student and educational travel market will reach 300 million arrivals by 2020 and represent US $320 billion in market value.

At SKY HIGH COOPERATION, each project is divided into three phases – pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip. But before a trip begins, the Product Development Team gets together to carve out unique need-based itineraries or experiences. We conceive the product and design around both student’s and teacher’s needs. We offer the best in planning, organizing and execution of educational trips and tours for our esteemed clients. Our travel modules are custom-made around student curriculum and key characteristics of a destination. We have created this unique balance of addressing educational needs in a fun and creative ambiance while retaining the essence of a leisurely trip.


The country well known for its people-packed cities, thriving economy and high academic system, offers enticing reasons for international students to study in India. Being one of the favorite picks of tech giants, India manifests a combination of old traditions and new technologies. India was traditionally seen as a nation sending students abroad rather than receiving international students.


Engineering has emerged as one of the top courses to study in India, with every second student in India pursuing engineering. Within a span of eight years, the number of engineering colleges has doubled from about 1,500 in 2007 to more than 3,300 colleges in 2015.  No wonder then that the country has been producing more than 1.5 million engineering graduates every year.


Management is the second most popular course for international students to pursue in India. More than 300,000 students graduate as MBAs every year. The figure has been increasing manifold each year. 


Medical education in India has enabled both domestic as well as international students acquire proficiency related to skill, knowledge and attitude to graduate as a medical student. The number of medical colleges in India is growing by leaps and bounds, with just 260 colleges in 2006 to more than 390 in 2014. Interestingly, the land of mystery and diversity produces more than 50,000 doctors a year, making India as the largest creator of doctors across the globe


The list of top courses to study in India will be incomplete without a creative course — Arts (Humanities & Social Sciences). Currently, there are about 2,000 international students pursing Art courses in India and the number is likely to increase in the coming years. International students can choose from different levels (UG, PG and PhD) and subjects at Indian institutes.  For instance, IIT Delhi offers PhD in seven fields, including Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, Policy, Literature and Linguistics. 


Nursing is one of the key elements of medicine profession, which takes care of an individual’s well-being, both physically and psychologically. Interestingly, military nursing was the earliest type of nursing where sisters were sent to take care of injured soldiers during wars.  Today, India is the second largest nurse producing country after the USA as several top institutes have been imparting training on nursing.